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Several hundred feral (wild) cats have lived for years in colonies at JFK Airport in Queens.  Some were dumped there by their “owners”; others were left by travelers who never picked up their cats.  For years, airline workers have fed them.  Recently, local rescue groups have begun to TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) the colonies.


In October 2007 the Port Authority began having the cats trapped and brought to city shelters where, because they are feral and not adoptable, they would almost certainly be euthanized. 


Of course, the Port Authority lied to the public, saying among other things that:


a)       The cats would all be adopted.

b)       The cats go on the runways and can cause planes to crash.

c)       The cats attract seagulls that can cause planes to crash.


The truth is that the cats are no where near the runways and the seagulls are there because the airport is near the ocean and there is plenty of garbage strewn about the airport!




TNR is the only effective and humane way to control the number of cats at the airport.  This method is supported by feral cat experts nationwide.  And the Humane Society of NY, the ASPCA, and local rescue groups have all volunteered to TNR the cats at no cost to the Port Authority.   




The Port Authority prefers to PAY to cruelly and senselessly KILL these innocent animals.  They have also threatened airport employees with loss of their jobs if they feed the cats.  And local rescuers were threatened with arrest, for attempting to rescue the cats.


Despite the public outcry, the Port Authority began trapping the cats in October.




When Neighborhood Cats put out an alert about the plight of these cats, SaveKitty Foundation responded immediately, rescuing the first group of 10 cats scheduled to be euthanized within the hour.  Kennedy, below, was among that group, and is now living out his life in a safe environment.  



As the Port Authority continued to trap, SaveKitty Foundation took in the next group of cats. In the end, we were responsible for rescuing the majority of the 24 JFK cats that were facing euthanasia. 




Tens of thousands of letters, phone calls and emails have been sent to public officials and to the Port Authority.


Several protests have been held, organized by Neighborhood Cats and the NYC Feral Cat Council, of which SaveKitty Foundation is a member.  We participated in those protests. 




After the November rally the Port Authority agreed to temporarily suspend the trapping of cats at the airport.  But no permanent resolution has yet been achieved.  




We need to keep the pressure on the Port Authority.


Please contact them and protest the killing of the JFK cats.  Urge them to institute a TNR program, instead.


Phone calls are best. You can also send faxes, letters and emails.




Anthony R. Coscia, Chairman, Board of Commisioners
Port Authority of New York and
New Jersey
Phone: (732) 846.2120 (direct line)
(732) 846-7600 (general number for Mr. Coscia’s law firm)
Fax: (732) 846.8877


Henry R. Silverman, Vice-Chairman
Port Authority Board of Commissioners
Realogy Corporation, Chairman and CEO
General number: (973) 407-2000 

Bruce A. Blakeman, New York Commissioner
Port Authority Board of Commissioners
Abrams Fensterman, Partner
Phone: (516) 592-5858
Fax: (516) 328-6638

Virginia S. Bauer, New Jersey Commissioner
Port Authority Board of Commissioners
Mack-Cali Realty Corporation, Vice President
General number: (732) 590-1000
General fax: (732) 205-8237

Port Authority Corporate Headquarters
(212) 435-7000
(212) 435-7777


Susan Baer, General Manager JFK Airport


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